Where to stay in Tokyo

Many first time visitors to Tokyo are overwhelmed by the choice of accommodation and by the size of the city. It’s worth thinking about the location of your accommodation, as this can affect how you feel about your trip. The key things to look for are accessibility to transport and sights, proximity to restaurants, and something to do in the evening. In Tokyo there are numerous areas to stay, and it can be difficult for the first-time visitor to decide.

A common recommendation is to stay in Shinjuku on the basis that it is central and has good transport links. While this is true, hotels there can be more expensive because of the popularity of the area, and some visitors find it a bit crowded and busy. There are many other possible places to stay which provide a convenient and pleasant location for you to explore Tokyo.

The quick reference guide below lists accommodation areas in Tokyo and rates them according to key features.

When you’ve identified areas where you’d like to stay, then you can start looking at specific accommodation. I’ve written about different types of accommodation and what to look for in this article.

When looking at accommodation in a specific area, check its location on a map to be certain it is convenient, and note where the closest station is. A hotel described as being in Shinjuku may be some distance from the main Shinjuku station, and nearer a station a couple of stops further down the line.

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