A timeline for planning your Japan trip

There are a lot options to consider when planning a trip to Japan, and then there are all the practical arrangements too. It can seem daunting and sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start. I’ve developed an easy-to-follow timeline that lists what you need to do and when, and you can get it by signing up to receive the Japan Just for You quarterly newsletter.

The timeline is based on my experience of a lifetime of travelling, including regular trips to Japan in recent years. Planning your trip and making travel arrangements in the order I recommend will help you by:

  • developing an itinerary that suits your interests and needs first, instead of locking in travel arrangements too early
  • not making accommodation bookings too early, or leaving them too late
  • spreading travel expenditure over time, so you’re not faced with costs all at once
  • having the information you need to decide whether a rail pass will save you money
  • not needing to make last minute changes, which waste money
  • reminding you of items that are easy to overlook, or that you may not be aware of
  • ensuring you have everything essential you need when you leave for your trip.

The timeline is a one pager that is quick and easy to refer to.

To get the Japan trip planning timeline and subscribe to the quarterly newsletter with the latest news for visitors, sign up here.

For further detail on organising your trip to Japan, you can read my blogposts on various topics here, or read the ebook Japan Just for You which will help you work through planning and organising step-by-step, with links to useful resources. As well as being available through major ebook stores, the ebook is available through library suppliers Overdrive, Ebsco and Wheelers, and your library may have it in their collection.

Do you have any questions about travelling in Japan? Please feel free to contact me.