Keeping your New Year’s resolution to visit Japan

As 2020 approaches, you may be one of many people making New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately for many people, the year ends without them achieving their stated goal. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to visit Japan, here’s how to make it happen.

1. Think about what it is you actually want to see and do in Japan

Take time to think about what it is that really appeals to you about Japan, and why you want to go there. Maybe you have some very specific sights you want to see or activities you want to do. Maybe you are still a bit vague about this, but generally like the idea of going to Japan. Whichever of these describes you, it’s a good idea to picture what your dream trip to Japan would actually involve. This will help you plan your ideal trip, instead of following someone else’s “must do” list.

2. Think about when you’d like to go

Japan is worth visiting in all seasons, and they each have their own characteristic sights. As well as thinking about when you can take leave from work, think about holiday periods and busy seasons in Japan. There are also some major events to consider in 2020. Knowing when you’d like to go gives you a date to work towards.

3. Develop a plan

A plan will help you make the most of your time there, and enables you to make your dream come true. Planning includes working out your itinerary and developing a budget. Take a look at this information on daily costs in Japan to help you with this. Knowing what you can realistically do within the time and budget you have available will give you a better chance of keeping your New Year’s resolution.

4. Commit to a timetable

Once you have a plan, you can work to a timetable to make your trip happen. This will ensure you take care of all the details such as booking flights, hotels, transport, medical needs etc.

Instead of a vague idea of going to Japan, taking some concrete steps towards planning and organising a trip will increase your chances of making your New Year’s resolution actually happen.

Dream, plan, do!

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