The Useful Information Sources section of Japan Just for You gives useful links to help plan your trip to Japan. Obviously things change over time, so I’ve provided updated links here, and also useful new links.

The links are organised under the same subheadings as in the book.

Planning the details

Developing your itinerary





Managing your budget

SunQ bus pass

This offers 3 and 4 day options around Kyushu.

Putting the plan into action 1 – Before travel

Arranging internal travel

Making train reservations has been an area of great change since Japan Just for You was written. Take a look at this article for updated information and links.


The Japanese Hot Springs Inns Association now has an English website.


The list of links for booking tickets to a wide range of sightseeing options has gone from the JNTO website. I am currently looking for another similar list.

If you are looking for tickets to theatre, exhibitions, sporting events, and other events, Tkts is a useful resource.

Putting the plan into action 2 – In Japan

Arrival procedures

Here’s a useful guide to airport buses all over Japan.

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