Making decisions on your Japan trip

How to decide

Once you start planning your Japan trip, you may find there are so many places you’d like to see and not enough time. You may feel overwhelmed with accommodation options, and wonder how you’re going to choose. Many people try to solve this problem by seeking advice from friends, a travel agent, social media, or an online forum such as TripAdvisor. This does not necessarily produce good results that will make the trip into a great experience for you. In this post, I’ll talk about some ways to make up your mind and find the right solution for you. Continue reading “Making decisions on your Japan trip”

Stress free sightseeing in Kyoto


There’s been a lot written lately about over-tourism in Japan, and how popular destinations such as Kyoto are becoming overcrowded. Tourists often note in their reviews of Kyoto’s most well-known sights how crowded they are. For someone researching and planning their trip, these reports can sound pretty discouraging. What they imagined was admiring beautiful historic temples and shrines, not being wedged in with the teeming tourist hordes. Continue reading “Stress free sightseeing in Kyoto”