Japanese trains – more than JR

Nagano Dentetsu train

Japan is famous for its train services, which have a reputation for going almost everywhere, punctuality, and speed. Because of this, many visitors decide to get a Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) thinking that they can go everywhere with this. While JR has a national network covering large areas of Japan, there are also a number of private rail companies. These provide services in specific regions, including to well-known tourist destinations. Continue reading “Japanese trains – more than JR”

Dealing with dietary requirements and food preferences in Japan

Some travellers may have specific dietary requirements because of allergies, religious beliefs, or being vegetarian, while other people may dislike certain foods, such as shellfish. If you are one of these people, you may be worried about how you will cope in Japan. Japan is increasingly catering to diverse dietary requirements, and there are various helpful resources available to help explain specific dietary requirements in Japanese. Continue reading “Dealing with dietary requirements and food preferences in Japan”