Where is “central Tokyo”?

Tokyo is one of the world’s great metropolises, with over 38 million people in the greater Tokyo area. It can be overwhelming to potential visitors. Sometimes they’ll seek advice on where to stay in “central Tokyo” that’s “close to the sights”. Tokyo doesn’t have a city centre in the way that many other cities do, so there’s no straightforward answer to give to these visitors. Continue reading “Where is “central Tokyo”?”

Do you need to speak Japanese to travel in Japan?

Some visitors worry about how they will manage without knowing Japanese while others haven’t given it a thought because they assume that there will be plenty of English speaking people available. The actual situation is somewhere in between these two assumptions.

While many Japanese people know some English, their knowledge is often basic and focuses on written English. In hotels and other tourist places, there are some people with excellent English and others whose knowledge is just sufficient to cover transactions such as checking in, buying tickets etc. Continue reading “Do you need to speak Japanese to travel in Japan?”

Visiting Japan for the Rugby World Cup?

Rugger Fifteen restaurant

If you’ve been lucky enough to get tickets in the latest release, you’ll now be planning your trip to Japan. The match locations are spread across Japan and people unfamiliar with Japan may be wondering how to get around. Unfortunately the standard brand name travel guides aren’t always useful, because some of the stadiums are in less-touristed areas and aren’t mentioned in standard itineraries. Here’s some information to get you started in planning travel and sightseeing. Continue reading “Visiting Japan for the Rugby World Cup?”