What to do with rubbish? A guide for the visitor to Japan

While you’re travelling, it’s easy to produce some rubbish that you want to dispose of. This could be luggage labels, brochures, fruit peels, food wrappings and containers, or something else. It’s also easy to assume that when you want to dispose of them, you just throw them into a bin, except in Japan it’s not always that easy. Continue reading “What to do with rubbish? A guide for the visitor to Japan”

Stress free sightseeing in Kyoto


There’s been a lot written lately about over-tourism in Japan, and how popular destinations such as Kyoto are becoming overcrowded. Tourists often note in their reviews of Kyoto’s most well-known sights how crowded they are. For someone researching and planning their trip, these reports can sound pretty discouraging. What they imagined was admiring beautiful historic temples and shrines, not being wedged in with the teeming tourist hordes. Continue reading “Stress free sightseeing in Kyoto”