City bases and day trips in Japan

How to decide

Spending a week or two in one city and doing day trips really appeals to some people. They like the idea of settling in to their accommodation, unpacking once, and coming back to a familiar area each night. They plan their sightseeing itinerary around doing day trips, rather than journeys from place to place. Does this sound like your preferred travel style? If this is your first trip to Japan, you are probably thinking about which city or cities to base yourself in. Continue reading “City bases and day trips in Japan”

Stress free sightseeing in Kyoto


There’s been a lot written lately about over-tourism in Japan, and how popular destinations such as Kyoto are becoming overcrowded. Tourists often note in their reviews of Kyoto’s most well-known sights how crowded they are. For someone researching and planning their trip, these reports can sound pretty discouraging. What they imagined was admiring beautiful historic temples and shrines, not being wedged in with the teeming tourist hordes. Continue reading “Stress free sightseeing in Kyoto”