Thinking about your travel

With travel not being possible for of us at the moment, it’s a good time to think about your travel choices. It’s easy to get caught up in someone else’s “top 10” or “must see” list when you’re planning a trip. So many influencers and travel articles promise inside knowledge which may be based on a short trip, and possibly complimentary tickets. Placing too much trust in a few sources may mean you overlook sights and experiences that you would find really interesting. Continue reading “Thinking about your travel”

City bases and day trips in Japan

How to decide

Spending a week or two in one city and doing day trips really appeals to some people. They like the idea of settling in to their accommodation, unpacking once, and coming back to a familiar area each night. They plan their sightseeing itinerary around doing day trips, rather than journeys from place to place. Does this sound like your preferred travel style? If this is your first trip to Japan, you are probably thinking about which city or cities to base yourself in. Continue reading “City bases and day trips in Japan”

Making decisions on your Japan trip

How to decide

Once you start planning your Japan trip, you may find there are so many places you’d like to see and not enough time. You may feel overwhelmed with accommodation options, and wonder how you’re going to choose. Many people try to solve this problem by seeking advice from friends, a travel agent, social media, or an online forum such as TripAdvisor. This does not necessarily produce good results that will make the trip into a great experience for you. In this post, I’ll talk about some ways to make up your mind and find the right solution for you. Continue reading “Making decisions on your Japan trip”