Travelling in Japan without a JR Pass

Trains can be a very convenient form of transport. Find out if the JR Pass works for you.

One piece of advice often given to the first-time visitor to Japan is “You must get a JR Pass”. This is simply not true – it all depends on where you are going. If this advice is given to you without the person asking about your intended itinerary, then treat their advice with a grain of salt. A JR Pass is a significant cost, and it can be either a great money saver or a huge waste of money. Continue reading “Travelling in Japan without a JR Pass”

Travelling from the airport

Itami airport

When you arrive in Japan, perhaps a bit tired and jet-lagged from a long flight, you’ll want to get to your accommodation without too much difficulty or delay. There are several transport options available from most airports and opinions are often given as to the “best” way. As a general rule, the best way is to follow the advice given by your accommodation. Look on their website for a button or menu item called Access, which will lead to details of trains and buses. Continue reading “Travelling from the airport”