Where is “central Tokyo”?

Tokyo is one of the world’s great metropolises, with over 38 million people in the greater Tokyo area. It can be overwhelming to potential visitors. Sometimes they’ll seek advice on where to stay in “central Tokyo” that’s “close to the sights”. Tokyo doesn’t have a city centre in the way that many other cities do, so there’s no straightforward answer to give to these visitors. Continue reading “Where is “central Tokyo”?”

Where to stay in Tokyo

Tokyo Tower

Many first time visitors to Tokyo are overwhelmed by the choice of accommodation and by the size of the city. It’s worth thinking about the location of your accommodation, as this can affect how you feel about your trip. The key things to look for are accessibility to transport and sights, proximity to restaurants, and something to do in the evening. In Tokyo there are numerous areas to stay, and it can be difficult for the first-time visitor to decide. Continue reading “Where to stay in Tokyo”