The author

I’m Denise Stephens, an Australian and New Zealander who has travelled widely in Asia, Europe, the Pacific and North America. I have always enjoyed planning my own trips, starting with an 18 month round-the-world trip in my early 20s. Japan is my favourite country and I’ve travelled there regularly in recent years.

My career background includes time as a research librarian for business and specialist libraries and more recently as a project manager. Being a research librarian gave me experience both in finding information and, more importantly, evaluating the quality and usefulness of what I found. As a project manager, I have skills in planning work and managing implementation to achieve a specific goal. These skills are useful not only for work, but also in planning travel.

In my discussions with people about travelling in Japan, I’ve also noticed that for many people the standard tours don’t quite fit. They’d like to go somewhere specific and wonder how to get there. Writing Japan Just For You is a way of passing on my experience to you so that you too can create your own personal trip to Japan.

Denise Stephens
Denise Stephens at Shimogamo shrine, Kyoto

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