The book

Japan Just for You – the book

Japan Just for You will help you to create your own trip to Japan instead of doing someone else’s “must-see” itinerary. Starting with your ideas and expectations, you are guided step-by-step through planning, developing a realistic itinerary and budget, and then putting the plan into action. Following these steps will make for a successful trip to Japan.

There is an extensive and carefully selected list of Useful Information Sources and practical advice on how to do everything from working out your daily budget, choosing accommodation that suits you, to how to catch trains, buses and taxis. Japan Just for You has what you need to know about:

  • what to look for when you book accommodation
  • whether a JR Pass is worth it for you
  • what to expect when you arrive in Japan
  • your options for getting around
  • how to maximise your time in Japan
  • travel mistakes to avoid

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Barnes and Noble

Japan Just for You is now available through library ebook suppliers Overdrive, Ebsco and Wheelers. If your library uses one of these suppliers, you can recommend that they buy the book.


  • Where to start
  • About Japan
  • Planning the details, including developing your itinerary, planning your time, managing your budget
  • Putting your plan into action, including arranging internal travel, accommodation, money, getting around town, sightseeing
  • Useful information sources (see updates here)