Do I need a JR Pass, or Suica?

With all the options available for transport in Japan, and different methods of paying for them, first-time visitors can be confused about what products they should buy. A frequent question that comes up in the TripAdvisor Japan forum is “should I get a JR Pass or a Suica?” These are two very different products for different uses, and it’s not a case of either/or. Continue reading “Do I need a JR Pass, or Suica?”

Scenic Japan – beyond the big cities

Onuma Quasi National Park

Recently someone remarked to me that they didn’t like Japan, and wouldn’t go there again. When I asked why, they explained that it was too busy and they preferred quieter places such as national parks. It turned out they’d only been to Tokyo! While Japan does have large busy cities, there are also beautiful rural areas, and even national parks. Where can you go if you want to get away from it all? Here are a few suggestions. Continue reading “Scenic Japan – beyond the big cities”

What to do with rubbish? A guide for the visitor to Japan

While you’re travelling, it’s easy to produce some rubbish that you want to dispose of. This could be luggage labels, brochures, fruit peels, food wrappings and containers, or something else. It’s also easy to assume that when you want to dispose of them, you just throw them into a bin, except in Japan it’s not always that easy. Continue reading “What to do with rubbish? A guide for the visitor to Japan”